The original gangster.

Formally known as serigraphy, this is the oldest recorded form of apparel printing. And guess what? It still reigns supreme. Vibrant and consistent colors. Price is based on amount of colors in artwork. Minimum starting at 12 pieces.

  • Traditional

    Go as simple as a 1 color print. This keeps it affordable and versatile.

  • Halftones

    We can bring an image to life with halftones. Halftones are hundreds to thousands of dots that make up a full image.

  • Full Color

    We can screen print a maximum of 5 colors. This can bring to life almost any design you have.

Screen Printing FAQs


What type of files do you accept?

Vector files are required in order to ensure your print comes out crystal clear. If you do not have a vector file, we can help you create it.

Photoshop - Flatten your artwork and keep it on one layer. All text should be converted to smart objects. Transparent background.

Illustrator - Group your artwork together. All text should be converted to outlines.


What are your minimums?

12 pieces per print color. For further information, click here.​

What is the max image size that you can screen print?

Vertical orientation: 12.5”X14”

Horizontal orientation: 13"x12.5"


How many colors can you print?

Up to 6 spot colors. However, we are capable of CMYK and simulated process to create full color images.

Can you match my Pantone color?

Yes. Fees apply.


Are there any setup fees?
NO! Our screen printing prices are all inclusive pricing!