What is live printing?

If you have an upcoming event, this is perfect for you! Instead of the usual placing of an order, we bring the printing to you and print directly in front of your guests.

• Conventions

• Festivals

• Product Launches

• Grand Openings

• Parties

How does it work?

Believe it or not, it's really simple!

1. Your guest choose the product, and print they want to create a one of a kind item.

2. In exchange for their product, they must give you a follow on social media (this is optional that you decide on before the event). We handle this for you!

3. Boom! Your guests will promote your event for as long as they have that product.

  • A memorable experience

    Give your customers something more than a product, they get an experience.

  • Generate Leads

    Listen, nothing is free, even a free t-shirt. In exchange for their free t-shirt, they must give you a follow on any of your social media platforms. We take care of this for you.

  • Gain brand loyalty

    With a memorable experience, your customers will have a special place for you in their heart. You'll be seeing them again soon.